QOBUZ "My tracks" trips into "error: Failed to execute browseSource:"

Volumio Information

Volumio Version: 2.882
Hardware: PI 4, 4GB
DAC: DigiOne Signature

I looked it up (no luck) and submitted a bug right away but it is so much of a pain in the butt for me that I had to address it right away.

I am trying to open “My Tracks” (QOBUZ) and it fails systematically with “Error No result” and I really rely on that feature for obvious reasons…

Here below is the log:

info: CoreCommandRouter::executeOnPlugin: qobuz , handleBrowseUri
info: handleBrowseUri took 771 milliseconds
error: Failed to execute browseSource:

It came out of nowhere and was also messing with “My Playlist” initially but after a reboot this came back but no luck for “My Tracks”…

So can I get “A little help from my friends”? :slight_smile:

Seems an issue either with Volumio or Qobuz. I am able to play Qobuz tracks but, even Qobuz own playlists are failing.

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Are you saying that you have the same kind of issue but for you Playlists are the unreachable ones?

Hi @Wheaten by the way :slight_smile:

Hey @Wheaten try to add a new playlist and tell me if it “fixed” your issue.

I just added a new track to My Tracks. Unlocked the feature. What the…

Anyway, that works now…Can’t say for how long though…

Sorry for the late reply, occupied finalizing my pre-amp.
I don’t create playlists with Qobuz. I use smart playlists from JRiver as they can be used dynamic, like give me all pop songs from the eighties in random order, max 5 songs per Album Artist and only 2 songs per album.

But I see the playlist provided by Qobuz are also working again,

Well, whatever floats your boat :slight_smile:.

Just got back from a long week-end during which Qobuz (and this time, I am talking about the Qobuz Android app) went haywire. Couldn’t play any album without it stopping all the time for no reason… It is now back in order. So I guess this was never a Volumio issue…
Anyway, case closed!