Qobuz integration stopped working

My Qobuz integration has been working fine since updating to V3 for weeks. I haven’t used it in a couple days, but today I got several errors on both my Pi streamers and can’t get it working. I am using Pi 4’s with most recent update 3.179. I have rebooted them, rebooted my router. No change.

When I try to select Qobuz as a source the first time, it disappeared and gave me a no results found error. I tried logging out of Qobuz and back in under Sources, but it won’t let me log back in. I get a domain error and I have to reload to get back to the Pi interface. I tried toggling My Volumio off and on. This is on both my players, in the Android app or the web interface.


Does it mean you can’t login anymore on any device, or just volumio?
If it’s only related to Volumio, I would suggest a fresh install.

Yes, only on Volumio. It’s definitely a Volumio issue and not Qobuz. Why would I need to fresh install on both devices? Seems weird that both would do the same thing if it were an install issue. I already did new installs when I went to V3, and it’s been working for weeks. No new update applied either, just started happening today on both my Pis. I’ll do fresh installs if I need to

Just take a fresh SD and perform the setup, If Qobuz connects, you know it related to the SD. SD can be near EOL, or just a bad spot during flash or upgrade.
if you still can’t connect, we need to look at something else.

You’ve been unlucky enough to use QOBUZ during a 40 minutes outage on our servers.

Now the situation is back to normal. sorry for the issue.

For everyone interested, you can check the status of volumio servers in this page:


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Ah yes it’s back. I’ll mark the status page for if this happens again. Thanks.

I´m new in Volumio and did my installation yesterday and I have a error “Internal Error” page every time I try to activate Qobuz native in Volumio UI. For Tidal ok.