Qobuz - Durations too short

I am equipped with a raspberry and the latest version of Volumio (2.729)
I subscribed to MyVolumio Virtuoso (1 year). So I go to Qobuz.
However, the duration of all titles is limited to 30 seconds!
Is this normal?

Hi, no it’s not normal.
Can you please logout and then log in again and see if it persists?

It can work that way if you just registered at Qobuz with no streaming subscription, just to buy music.

I think I did not understand everything …
In addition to the annual MyVolumio subscription, do I also have to subscribe to Qobuz?

Qobuz intégration in Myvolumio allows to use your Qobuz account directly from Myvolumio. But you need a qobuz account. This is the same for Tidal or Spotify (even if the plugin is free)