Qobuz Crashed and Cannot be reconnected

Is there anyone having the same issue as mine? I was in the middle of listening music via Volumio/Qobuz. However, it just stopped playing and I was trying to click the music I would like to playback but it popped up error message in the upper right of the browser. I then found out the “Qobuz” disappeared from the list at left hand side of the browser. I was trying to reconnect to Qobuz through “Sources” but after I typed my Qobuz login credential. The Qobuz still did not show up in the list. It simply cannot connect to Qobuz again. Anyone has the same problem?


Hello ! Yes, same problem for me …

Same here with Tidal and RadioParadise (Flac). Server issue from Volumio? @volumio @mervinio

2.913 user here, it worked yesterday on same version

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I think so, I get this for Tidal

For non-Germans: Error! No matches.

Same problem in Portugal, both in Tidal and Radio Paradise.

Tidal Connect from phone works.

Via McConnect both work

Same with me in UK on both PC laptop and Android phone UI. It just disappeared off the list of sources today. I updated to 2.909 but no change. I have Qobuz studio.

Same here… no more able to login to Qobuz from Volumio since an hour or so.

Same problem here

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See here:

Update is coming soon

From the east coast of the US, same issue here. Won’t connect to Qobuz today. Tried many things to get it to connect; multiple reboots, trying to connect from a different client device, changing my Qobuz PW, updating Volumio to most recent version (I was 1 version back by a few days)… Nothing helped.

same problem in France

Root cert expired, now certs are not trusted. Volumio, ahojjjj!!!

need cacerts and perhaps openssl update

We just solved it. A new update is coming very soon. We will keep you posted.


Just to chime in. Qobuz not there for me this evening.
Usual logout and in doesn’t fix.

I’m running from NAS and Spotify :scream: whilst we wait for the update.

Hmm, now Spotify can’t connect and doesn’t work within the Volumio app
Not a good evening for music listening!

Update is out.
See Important notice to all volumio users, firmware update needed!

Update done. It’s back​:loud_sound::+1:

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