Qobuz Album only plays 30 sec samples of each track?

Qobuz - on some albums - only plays 30 second samples for each track. What is this about?

Related to this?

Thanks Patrick, I will look for another instance of the same album. This is an Alt-J recording - I listened to another of theirs and it was normal. I had run into this before, on other albums that I have in my Favorites - though I know I had listened to this before, and it was fine - that is why I had it in my Favorites.

Okay, the HiRes version is playing only 30 second samples, and the CD quality album plays normally. This feels like a new bug. I am playing it from my Favorites, and it worked in the past; otherwise I would not have had it in my Favorites.

For me, all songs/albums are playing only for 30 seconds. I have no idea why and not getting any technical responses from Volumio or qobuz.

Your qobuz account is logged on another device?

I am paying for the upgraded subscription that is supposed to allow up to 6 users.

For qobuz you can use only one account on a si gle device if you dot not have family subscription. Pls try to sign out on other devices and let only one, then is still reproducible.

This would not explain playing some albums, but not others.

Yes, you are wright in this case. I had this issue when I have logged on another device.

This is still an issue - I try playing one album by a group, and it plays 30 second segments only - and then I try another album by the same group, and it plays the whole album.

This seems like there should be an obvious reason, for this frustrating behavior. What is going on?