python-SocketIO-client installation failure

Volumio 2.915, Raspberry PI 2B, Python 2.7.9, pip 1.5.6.
Hit a problem trying to install socketIO-client on my PI using this line:
sudo pip install python-SocketIO-client
I have done this process before but now it fails after successfully downloading with: “Command python egg_info failed with error code 1 in /tmp/pip-build-yKqQF0/gevent”
This is beyond me! A quick web search didn’t throw up any solutions.
It feels like it could be a ‘versions’ or ‘ownership’ issue, but that is just a guess.
Can anybody help please?

This is a known issue with current 2.xx images – there are quite a few threads around here about it:

My 0.02cents:

PS: Some other ideas people have tried: [Plugin] pirate audio - #56 by Jayman

Thanks Ash, reading that first link was like reading my own.
I have been considering Buster beta but I thought I didn’t know enough to make it work with my PreAmp.