Python & RPi.GPIO Installation Crashes Volumio Web

Hi folks
I have ordered an Adafruit 20x4 LCD and hope to show track names, etc.
I have been running Volumio 1.5 with Hifiberry Digi very successfully on my Model B but when I try to add Python and GPIO libraries I am unable to connect to Volumio through Volumio.home or local web address.

After 2 days of following different ordered instructions on the web to install these components, some abort and some seem to go OK, but at the end I always can’t run Volumio.
Can anyone suggest definitive steps to get me a stable installation? This is driving me MAAAD :angry:

Many thanks

Installing rpi.gpio using apt-get also performs some upgrades these break volumio.
So when you install anything make sure there arn’t any packages being upgrades.

Rpi.gpio can be installed without apt-get.
This is explained here: gpio-pins-control-volume-t2219.html
Please take a look in that thread for more information and a good base to start, its sticky on purpose.

Thanks MobeyDuck, I got RPi.GPIO installed per your screendump and Volumio iss still working over network from web interface.
I have now also installed the Adafruit-Raspberry-Pi-Python-Code and my next step is per:- … y-packages

This suggests I need to install further python tools etc.
Are you suggesting that that won’t be necessary?


adafruit installs python-dev and python-setuptools to install python-pip.

pip can be installed without using apt-get see: volumio-controlled-t2290-10.html

But pip is only installed to install rpi.gpio, you just installed this.

I dont see any other package that is used, i dont think that you’ll need others for the scripts that are used.

You can also take a look at this thread he does something alike: how-launch-oled-display-with-now-playing-t2260.html