pushupdates.volumio.org is requested every 4-5 sec

Dear all,

today morning I restarted my Raspberry new, because I installed the POE Hat.
After restart, everything works fine, but I can see that the Volumio send out a request to pushupdates.volumio.org every 4-5 seconds.
These requests I couldn’t see before at all.

Internet connection is available and working fine.

Does anyone know why suddenly these requests appear?
I am using the latest version of Volumio and a restart does not change anything.

Thank you,


I am also seeing this through my DNS. I currently have it blocked.

Can anyone explain what needs to be pushed so often?

This is an endpoint for the push OTA updater that we are building as an improvement to the current update mechanism (Volumio will tell you when a new update is available instead of you checking it manually).

You’re seeing all this calls since our server for push updates is experiencing some technical issues since last friday, and the client tries to reconnect every 5 seconds. Once we’ll solve this (in a couple of days) you won’t see it anymore

Thank you for the info! I thought there must be some issue since it shot past the MSFT calls for home.

Thank you very much for the information. :slight_smile:


I updated to volumio 2.586 yesterday and now I’m seeing this same behaviour. It’s running on a RPi 3 with an IQaudIO DAC+.


I’m seeing this too; all players running version 2.673 on RPi.
Added the domain to the block list in Pi hole.