PSU for RPi in combination with powered DAC?


I’ve move to a more serious set and want to make the RPi including Volumio as main player for it. I’ve ordered a Schiit Gungir DAC which has its own power supplies. Two seperate internal transformers for digital and analog. The question is:

Can I get a better sound quality if I use abetter/ linear power supply for the RPi? (Since the USB won’t power the DAC)

or… Is it better to get a digital output and hook it up at the dac?

I guess these questions are a bit meta. I’ve just went ahead and got myself a HifiBerry. I must say, it sounds better using optical than directly via USB. To go evern further. I bought a Schiit Gungnir, a good BNC connector, and a linear power supply since i’m not able to build it myself. Not a hardware guy :wink:

Let’s see what it does!