PSU for Allo Volt+

I received the Volt+ today and I am trying to find a power supply for it. I have two laptops - a DELL XPS12 and another ASUS laptop both of which have a 19V brick but the connectors dont fit the Volt+ or the adapter.

Any ideas on where I can find a cheap PSU that will work? Amazon/eBay sell some power bricks but I am having a hard time finding the specs on the barrel size as specified by Allo ( 3.00mm ID (0.118"), 6.50mm OD (0.256") ).


Also, @Allo, what are the dimensions (ID and OD) of the adapter provided?

I will post it tomorrow.

Looking forward to it.

What is the recommended voltage and exact plug’a size ?
My VOLT + is coming and I want to test it on the same day!

hello to all,
about the DC connector sizes:

KALI -> DC JACK PIN DIA: 2.5mm, OD 5.5mm & VOLT / VOLT+ - > DC JACK PIN DIA: 3.0mm, OD: 6.5mm

Volt+ in acrylic case (offsets not mounted) with a steeped attenuator (24 positions)
fullsizeoutput_52 (002).jpeg

I am using the VOLT + with an Acer 19V (65w) PSU.
In another forum recommend using 24V (120W)? What are the benefits?

Sorry for my poor English =/ :blush:

None. Usualy the Volt+ takes about 200mA and at 19V you get better thd+n (just a bit better)

oh wow, very nice!

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I have been using an ASUS 19v 3.5A PSU which I got with my Volt+ ( … er-supply/)
I recently tried an old (very old) Toshiba 15V 4A PSU that I had in a cupboard and was surprised that the sound seemed much better. The stereo image was much clearer, the sound stage much wider. The Toshiba PSU is significantly heavier, but I have no idea what is inside it.
My question is will I be getting another significant improvement by investing in a better quality 19 or 24V PSU or should I just be happy with the impressive sound I now get?
For reference I am comparing to my Yamaha A-S700 (with a speaker switch box) and it now sounds significantly better.

hello Johnk,

thank you for your feedback concerning our hardware, its always nice to see what set ups are out there using ALLO hardware.
You ask a very hard question because there are too many factors to consider and endless variations. ( what cables you use,. what speakers and so many others…)

Theoretically, the cleaner the power , better the sound.
Will you notice a difference justifying the investment ?
Its an audiophile conundrum.

if you’re happy now, enjoy it !

regards and please keep up posted.


Best SQ came with an additional CM board and a big 19VDC (180) SMPS.
Also rewire the RCA and Speaker post with some decent wires (Neglex 2534).

Allo VOlt+ is a very capable flea watt amp.

How about the clarity and dynamics?

I have now tried two more power supplies.
First was a cheap no name 24v 4A supply from ebay (AUD$10). The sound was thin and just not great. I wish there was an easy way of testing these PSUs …
The cheap 24v PSU was noticeably worse than the previous 15V Toshiba one.
I then came across this thread … 0w/page/3/
and decided to try the Alitov PSU as recommended. With delivery fro the US this was ~AUD$50.
This gives a very noticeable improvement. The bass tightens up and the the image is better. All up I am very happy with the Alitov and would recomend it as a cheap upgrade to anyone.
Now to get back to speaker shopping :slight_smile:

I purchased the volt+ 2 years ago with Allo’s Dual Power Supply. They don’t offer it any longer so I would try the “Meanwell GST120A24-P1M power supply” that Nelson Pass suggests to use with the Amp Camp Amp that he designed. Don’t forget the Capacitance Multiplier. I also upgrade the power cables. It makes a difference that you can hear (and see on a good monitor or TV). I wonder if Allo will make a preamp. If I build the Amp Camp Amp I’ll need a preamp with volume control.