Pseudo Party Mode

I will be the first to admin I have no idea what I am doing, but I was able to revise some of the code to work the way I wanted.

  1. From the browse window, the default event for clicking on a song is to add it to the queue instead of auto-play.
  2. I display a toast message that the song was added to the queue.
  3. Give a visual cue of what you clicked on.

Line rows are basic locations.

Line 3: Added toastMessageService
modalService, $timeout, matchmediaService, $compile, $document, $rootScope, $log, playerService, toastMessageService) {

Line 18: Added constructor reference:
this.toastMessageService = toastMessageService;

Line 68: Modified clickListItem(item)
Changed “” to…
this.toastMessageService.showMessage(‘success’, item.title+’ Added to Queue’, ‘Queue’);

Line 228: modified itemWrapper div.
Changed "this.table += <div class="itemWrapper"><div class="itemTab">; "
To “this.table += <div class="itemWrapper" onclick="style.backgroundColor = '#42f4f1'"><div class="itemTab">;”

Hey there,

I can’t find the /src/app/browse/browse.controller.js folder in the latest build.

Where is it please?