[PROPOSAL] Require plugins to be uploaded to Plugins repo

That’s helping a lot!

Ok ok, I will upload my plugins, I’ve been procrastinating that for some time now… Mostly because I have to have to PR for every change, or I’m just not getting Github, I like to work in my own little environment and easily push to the repo when I’ve reach a certain (quality) point.

But enough of this procrastination! I will try to PR some plugins tonight!

Thanks Sayato!

Well done Sayato!
Now we have 3 more plugins: logitech media server, squeezelite and lastfm scrobbling!
Just Kodi needs a bit more attention (and that’s what the plugin review is meant to highlight :wink: )

Well done

Great Saiyato, I immediately installed you last.fm plugin. It’s working perfectly :slight_smile:
I’m sure a good selection of stable and supported plugins is going to add to the attractiveness of Volumio in general.

Just a quick note to plugin developers using built-in Volumio2 pluginhelper tool to design their stuff: I just followed-up an earlier @michelangelo’s request to try to capture suggestions for this tool enhancements / fixes.
Feel free to feedback your pluginhelper needs here.

Hi all,

I’m the writer of the auto_play plugin. I wrote it a few months / years ago, since this feature is missing in volumio.
Now some users have problems with the plugin and I cannot reproduce these issues on my machines.

Since the plugin upload buttons seems to be gone, I’m asking me: how can I provide a test version to users without any programing knowledge to let them test it?

Thanks in advance!

This is a real issue with plugins that needs to be addressed: firstly, we need to identify tested devices, and then how can we extend it to cover all our supported devices.

Since we are using these npm’s package.json files anyway - can’t we include some custom fields such as supported_arch, or a alpha/beta/release type of field so that people can choose according to their comfort?