Project with PeppyMeter Screensaver Plugin for VOLUMIO v2.9xx and 3.0xx buster

Disregard, I added this to my userconfig file and the orientation is good now.

Touch Display rotation setting below: do not alter


Hard to tell without info of your screen.
I’ve added display_rotate=1 to my userconfig.txt 0=0deg, 1=90deg, 2=180deg and 3=270deg.

I get it watching fine needle movement is a magic but sorry guys without album art music is like without soul and memory!

So take a template with albumart???

Wow. It’s amazing.
Could you please do the conversion for 1920x480 Display ?
There are only couple of default skin for this resolution.
I’m hungry for more !!

Happy New Year !!

I don’t have much time to convert. Select 1920x1080 folder, load 1920x515 skins. Run with this resolution. The skins will work, but they will be cropped 35 pixels from the bottom. Choose which suits you. Write

Okay. I’ll give it a try.
If it’s simply 35pixels crop from the bottom, I guess many of the skins can be used without modification.
Thank you.

If you like any skin - write which one (I’ll convert).

Only one ? LOL kidding.
I plan to use skin with large meters (Artwork and meta data will be on seperate display - web browser on 8" tablet). Anyway, here is the picture with my preference numbered.

Thank you very much.

you really need some beers after that… 10 skins
i think they have create a buy me a beer button on volumio…

Yes, @Gelo5 should get himself a Kofi account

There you go, here are the skins
1920x480 (6.5 MB)
1920x480 (4.9 MB)
Upload to:
/data/plugins/miscellanea/peppy_screensaver/peppymeter/custom_5 (1920x480)
@dvo , @Wolfman74 - THX

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T+A (50.9 KB)


Oh. This one also looks pretty good. Thank you !!

Here are the two sample photos. All skins fit perfectly on the screen.
Thanks for the great job.

Oh, BTW, 1920x515 skins don’t work on the display. Simply shows nothing, not even the cropped images. lol.

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1920x515 skins will work but when set to 1920x1080. They will be cropped 35px from the bottom but will work. If you load to 1920x480 - they won’t work.

Got it. Thanks.

Very nice. I took the liberty of improving the scaling of the pointer. Look

meter.type = circular
channels = 2
ui.refresh.period = 0.033
bgr.filename = T+A_brg.png
fgr.filename = T+A_frg.png
indicator.filename = T+A_Needle.png = 4
start.angle = 52
stop.angle = -54
distance = 370
left.origin.x = 500
left.origin.y = 610
right.origin.x = 1423
right.origin.y = 610
meter.x = 0
meter.y = 0
screen.bgr =

Of course, you don’t have to use it

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Hello everyone, thanks for the wonderful plugin, it’s great, I ask for an integration if possible: one file or more where there is the collection of existing skins. Thanks bye

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