Project with PeppyMeter Screensaver Plugin for VOLUMIO v2.9xx and 3.0xx buster

@2aCD Thanks a lot. it is now resolved with disable_overscan=1

Hey @2aCD

Hurray! Overscan was my “cutoff” problem as well…

Now, the “standard” Volumio screen is cutoff some on the menu side (but not big deal, as I leave TV screen mostly for PeppyMeter anyways… and now full and centered).


Ok I‘m glad to hear that.

Darko Audio have a review regarding the new Yamaha Technics SU-C700M2 integrated amplifier (Technics SU-G700M2)

Sure nice, but expensive Audio gear…

What Im saying here?!

2 BIG VU Meters… which as we know (besides “high-end”), not usual nowadays… and “minimalist”…



That said, the only Peppy Theme I use is “Gold” (which thinks a misleading “name”…).

Regardless, in Darko’s article he wrote:
“And let us not forget: when a man is tired of VU meters, he is tired of life.” (pun intended!) : P

Thanks RPi… and thanks for PeppyMeter!
Audiophile quality, VU Meters… at “down-to-Earth”.