Project with PeppyMeter Screensaver Plugin for VOLUMIO v2.9xx and 3.0xx buster

nice video @naimnatnod and well explained :+1:

Hi @usrslashvolumio,
it seems you have a resource problem.
Which raspberry do you have and how many memory?

If it works, when you select a fixed meter, not random, a background with small meter, galaxy or dash?

question, I have installed the default latest (2,907 new install) volumio image, everything works but unfortunately the spotify connect2 plug-in doesn’t work, the needle doesn’t move.

do I need to adjust anything? because if go to step 6 spotify and try to change is there nothing in that location, or is this just for the internal spotify plugin?

output_type = alsa
#output_name = ${outdev}
output_name = peppyalsa

by the way with buster it works after those adjustments for the output device, when i apply this to the default volumio image spotify connect2 plays a song and then it stops, also forwarding to the next song it disconnects.

The Spotify connect needs the adjustment in

I have explain

I have the rpi4 with 4gb ram. I’m selecting the gold player full screen on 800x480 official 7in touch. Now it seems it can play a few songs before stopping.

i tried this several times and when i go back to original mixer type (in my case tone1 dac hardware) the player no longer appears in the android spotify app, if in mixer type select “none” then it does appear in the android app and also plays but then it doesn’t play anything in volumio.
also changing the output devices and back to original causes the same problems.

as I mentioned earlier this works in buster but otherwise not with the default volumio image, at least in my case

what more can i try now.

Tidal connect runs complete independently from alsa configuration and MPD. Therefore in 2.907 the needles not move. I have check this now and the music play without interruption.
Can you disable the PeppyMeter plugin and test again with TidalConnect?

Installed the buster, touchscreen and peppymeter plugins, so far so good. No issue with DSD file. The DAC shows correct information.

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i did a fresh install and didn’t install peppy. i got the same stopped playback issues with tidal connect (tidal volumio no issues). so i can confirm this issue is NOT related to peppy. there are some other threads on here also discussing the tidal connect issue.

EDIT: ok i see i have to change spopd.conf and spopd.tmpl.conf

what is the function of change_touchscreen? i installed the peppy_screensaver as a plugin like in post #7. and it works (except that the needle doesn’t move in spotify). do i need to also install change_touchscreen?

for some reason spotify connect default volume is set to 0. so every time i change to spotify connect, i can see it playing but no sound comes out. i will wonder what is the matter, and then i remember that i have to increase the volume. is there anyway to hardcode the default volume for spotify connect at 100?

Hi @usrslashvolumio ,
the ChangeTouchscreen is only for the manually installation needed. With PeppyScreensavePlugin all UI-Integrations are included.

Hi 2acd,
So we do not need to install the touchscreen plugin first time?

Hi Lintbf,
the touchscreen plugin you need always for the X11 and chromium at first. But it is still original with the Peppy screensaver plugin.

Sure, look in the config file for initial-volume and set it something you feel safe with.
Btw, what type of mixer are you using?

hardware. i didn’t change it because it works even though i’m not sure if my topping d30 pro actually has hardware mixer.

First of all, I must say I like this plugin very much, and because of it I started a new all-in-one streamer project (with build-in amplifier) with a wide 1280x400 screen. And the outcome is very pleasing. If just for the original Peppy Meter, I wouldn’t be doing it. Not that the Peppy Meter is not good; the original Peppy Meter is very flexible, beautiful, but inevitably quite intimidating for laymen like me. I might upload some photos to share my happiness and the issues I encountered and how they were solved with the great help from 2aCD, after I finished this project.
For people who are using the new Allo Boss2 dac, this is it! I can’t help to openly thank 2aCD once again. He gave me this plugin and helped me to troubleshoot with his expertise and enthusiasm. You’re “genial”!

sorry. but what’s the name of the config file please?

.tmpl is usually the volumio notation for the template file. I believe it’s called volspotify.toml.tmpl

Looks like volumio can’t parse the volume correctly, and passes 0 to the plugin, that goes ahead and sets it to 0 as well. Either figure out what mixer you actually have, or just hard code a value into the file mentioned above…