Project with PeppyMeter Screensaver Plugin for VOLUMIO v2.9xx and 3.0xx buster

Peppy is not released/approved for V3 and causes DSP to fail.
If you need DSP, uninstall Peppy. Until the author of Peppy finds time to update the plugin.

I’ve been reading back and forth trough this project, amazing what effort is put in by the designers of the images and plugin.
I searched the forum for a topic on what displays are the best and where to buy them. So I appologize if this is not the correct topic for this question.
What are the best touch diplays?
What about resolution?
I like this one:
But is it easy to built in? I see that m4sta2k has it standing on a desk naked.
Or is a 10" 1920x1080 a better option?

Not a discussion for what is better, It’s what you prefer. But sticking with standard resolutions, will give you more benefits using already designed images.
If you take a different resolution, you either need to be nice to Gelo5, as he seems the only one willing to do this without having a similar screen. Or get crafty with Photoshop or and draw them yourself. And share them offcoarse. :slight_smile:

But is it easy to built in?

  • No, The “landscape” screens have a very small rim, so you need proper equipment if you want to carve an opening in your cabinet about 0.8mm margin to cut or saw… I ended with glue it on my cabinet.
  • 2nd they keep on making the same design error. They’ve located the connections on the outer skirt, so you always need a cabinet that stick out for 3 cm above the screen. They expect that the rPi can deliver enough power for the screen, which is a dreamfull state.
    The most right one is the power connector, which you can’t bypass with the delivered connector. As the rPi can’t deliver the power. You’ll need a 2nd supply.
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Great it’s working on RPI2 , thanks :grinning:

@Wheaten, thanks
I already noticed that Gelo5 was doing all the heavy lifting for the graphics. He is amazing. And the results are beautiful.
That’s why I want to stick to what’s already available.
I suppose most of the used displays are waveshare? That is what I found when I ask my friend Google :wink:.

@2aCD - once again all forum members, thank you for your work and this plugin.

@peppy.player - it was thanks to your peppymeter that the whole plugin was created. Thank you!

Skins 1920x1080.
UPDATE: 08.01.2023

Pick a few and then play randomly

Only ORIGINAL meters&graphic
1920x1080 ONLY Original (6.8 MB)
1920x1080 ONLY Original (1.6 KB)

Only Gelo5 meters&graphic
1920x1080 ONLY Gelo5 (7.7 MB)
1920x1080 ONLY Gelo5 (9.1 MB)
1920x1080 ONLY Gelo5 (8.6 MB)
1920x1080 ONLY Gelo5 (9.0 MB)
1920x1080 ONLY Gelo5 (7.7 MB)
1920x1080 ONLY Gelo5 (9.5 MB)
1920x1080 ONLY Gelo5 (8.1 MB)
1920x1080 ONLY Gelo5 (9.3 MB)
1920x1080 ONLY Gelo5 (9.3 MB)
1920x1080 ONLY Gelo5 (9.6 MB)
1920x1080 ONLY Gelo5 graphic_11 .zip (9.2 MB)
1920x1080 ONLY Gelo5 (9.6 MB)
1920x1080 ONLY Gelo5 graphic_13 .zip (9.2 MB)
1920x1080 ONLY Gelo5 graphic_14 .zip (9.5 MB)
1920x1080 ONLY Gelo5 (9.4 MB)
FIX (6.4 MB)

1920x1080 ONLY Gelo5 (12.2 KB)

Upload to:
/data/plugins/miscellanea/peppy_screensaver/peppymeter/custom_4 (1920x1080)
~180 degree meters start slower!
Not suitable for RANDOM!

----------- 1920x515 -------------

Skins 1920x515.
UPDATE: 04.01.2023

1920x515 (8.9 MB)
1920x515 (9.0 MB)
1920x515 (8.6 MB)
1920x515 (9.0 MB)
1920x515 (4.7 MB)

Upload to:
/data/plugins/miscellanea/peppy_screensaver/peppymeter/custom_4 (1920x1080)

----------- 1920x480 -------------

Skins 1920x480.
UPDATE: 08.01.2023

1920x480 (9.1 MB)
1920x480 (3.7 MB)

Upload to:
/data/plugins/miscellanea/peppy_screensaver/peppymeter/ custom_5 (1920x480)

----------- 1280x800 -------------

Skins 1280x800. THX @naimnatnod
UPDATE: 21.10.2022

Only ORIGINAL meters&graphic
1280x800 Original (1.5 KB)
1280x800 Original (5.5 MB)

Only Gelo5 meters&graphic
1280x800 ONLY Gelo5 (6.0 KB)
1280x800 ONLY Gelo5 (9.1 MB)
1280x800 ONLY Gelo5 (8.8 MB)
1280x800 ONLY Gelo5 (8.5 MB)
1280x800 ONLY Gelo5 (6.9 MB)

Upload to:
/data/plugins/miscellanea/peppy_screensaver/peppymeter/custom_3 (1280x800)

----------- 1024x600 -------------

1024x600 @elektron @bungie240 THX
UPDATE: 20.11.2022

Only ORIGINAL meters&graphic
1024x600 ONLY Original (1.5 KB)
1024x600 ONLY Original (3.7 MB)

Only Gelo5 meters&graphic
1024x600 ONLY Gelo5 (5.9 KB)

1024x600 ONLY Gelo5 (8.6 MB)
1024x600 ONLY Gelo5 (7.8 MB)
1024x600 ONLY Gelo5 (2.5 MB)

Upload to:
/data/plugins/miscellanea/peppy_screensaver/peppymeter/custom_2 (1024x600)

----------- 800x480 ------------------

Update 20.11.2022
800x480 @michel8166 and @ClaesM THX

Only ORIGINAL meters&graphic
800x480 Original (2.5 MB)
800x480 Original (1.5 KB)

Only Gelo5 meters&graphic
800x480 ONLY Gelo5 (9.7 MB)
800x480 ONLY Gelo5 (939.3 KB)
800x480 ONLY Gelo5 (4.1 KB)

Upload to:
/data/plugins/miscellanea/peppy_screensaver/peppymeter/custom_1 (800x480)

---- 1280x400 WIDE--------

Update 24.11.2022
@dc2geeks, @Joersch THX

Only ORIGINAL meters&graphic
1280x400 ORIGINAL (628 Bytes)
1280x400 Only Orinal Graphic (954.7 KB)

Only Gelo5 meters&graphic
1280x400 Only Gelo5 Graphic (9.2 MB)
1280x400 Only Gelo5 Graphic WIDE (3.6 MB)
1280x400 Only Gelo5 (3.9 KB)

Upload to:

--------- 1480x320 ------------

Update 23.11.2022
@mchief, @Joersch THX (8.7 MB)

Upload to:
/data/plugins/miscellanea/peppy_screensaver/peppymeter/custom_5 (1920x480)


Great work! Many thanks for sharing.
Happy Easter.


Really nice work!! is it possible to have some of this skins scaled down to 800 x 480?

Happy Easter!

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Maybe next week I’ll do something.

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Thanks! It would be very appreciated.

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One condition: a minimum monitor of 7 inches. You will not see anything on the smaller ones.
Which skin to scale?

I really like Klanghelm an Accuphase…

I installed all modules according to the instructions from 2aCD.
All steps work, I have the VU meter with the test script.
But as soon as I install peppymeter, the USB drive is lost with all my music.
If I select home, library, screen stays empty. If there is something in the queue, before installing peppymeter, I can press play on a track in the queue but nothing happens.
I do see the VU meters, randomly.
I started from a fresh installation v 3.251. I downloaded all modules from the links this topic.
I have a RPI4 with 4 GB of memory, no wireless, cables ethernet connection.
I have the pi connected through HDMI to a Eizo monitor for the tests.
As soon as I unstall peppypeter, my library comes back, without a reboot.

Easter is already here. I made a test version for 800x480 resolution. I can’t test because I don’t have a monitor - just pure math!
Copy everything to:
/ data / plugins / miscellanea / peppy_screensaver / peppymeter / custom_1 (800x480)
meters.txt contains original skins + my skins (test) (1.5 MB)


tried them (800x480) and Wow this looks very nice and it looks like the alignment is also reasonable and I think the whole can go more to the right.

@Gelo5 thank you very much :smiley:

Play the disc with a long track title. From the file, not from the radio.
And what to give right?

this is while spotify connect is playing.
I don’t have any music on a drive at the moment.

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Thank you very much! I will try your skins tomorrow!
Happy Easter!

Looking at the picture - I made the meters.txt correction. Check now. (There aren’t many items when you play the radio) (1.9 KB)

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this one is with the latest meters.txt adjustment, Spotify connect.

old one.