Project with PeppyMeter Screensaver Plugin for VOLUMIO v2.9xx and 3.0xx buster

can you make them in a position next to each other and maybe the picture of the file being played is in the middle between them?

You can arrange it as you like. But for the 3840X1100 screen ??

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with such a diagonal, I found only one screen. I haven’t seen any other resolution of dots yet.

PeppyMeter Max: 1920x1080

12.6 inch 1920*515 So I will focus on this screen or look for a similar one at 14." Thanks for the hints

He was looking for this VU-meter

Is this what you like ?

Animation demo:


Hi ,
That looks so nice :slight_smile:
Would you please tell us what display have you used , the front panel is done on 3D print machine snd what size is the pushbutton ?
Many thanks

The display size is 1920x480, the push button size is 30mm, and the front panel is done by CNC.

great job. there are a couple of drawbacks. The video shows that the indicator shows “weather in Africa”. it is necessary to take a sinusoidal signal of 1 kHz with the maximum digital level and set the maximum value on the scale according to it. Maybe. There is a picture with the ratio of the levels of different signals - digital and analog. Well, or use a reference meter.

Still, I will try to draw this indicator more accurately in COREL. And make the colors changeable.

Thanks for your valuable info, I will fine tune the indicator steps.

Our scale is mapped in dB. It is necessary to correlate with this.

OK, we’re done with the skins. Final version of 1280x800 skins

7 skins. Thank you very much @naimnatnod for testing these skins.
If something is wrong - post on the forum. I will try to improve.
I don’t have a 1280x800 monitor.
The meters.txt file contains all original skins + plus my skins. Just overwrite the original file + upload all photos from the folder.
Here: (5.1 MB)


Awesome work buddy, the Dorrough skin looks good.

Hi Gelo5, here are what they look like on my screen. Thanks again.

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The Denon’s really looks good. Well done!!!

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Looking at the picture, I think this meters.txt file will be fine. Check (2.3 KB)
And photo (588.2 KB)

Sorry, Marantz, hehe
and… last 1920x1080

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Great work and outstanding looks!!!

Should this work in volumio PRIMO (tinkerboard) and version 3 of volumio?

Paulo Nunes