Project with PeppyMeter Screensaver Plugin for VOLUMIO v2.9xx and 3.0xx buster

Hi 2aCD,

Is there a way to enable/disable the screensaver via a GPIO pin. So having a pushbutton to toggle through different displays. (playnow/peppy)
Using a piece of code that overwrites the timeout with a high or low number will not work without a save or volumio vrestart.
Any ideas?

I have a PI3 with Volumio3 and a 800x480 display (5.5" and not 7") and Peppymeter running not in random mode (I like a specific set of dials!) with cache enabled and I have this memory situation:

MiB Mem : 968.5 total, 107.4 free, 397.3 used, 463.7 buff/cache

So do not use cache mode or do not use random mode, choose one.

I had also some benefits in response times (snappier Volumio interface via web and no issue on the display or in audio reproduction by:

  • Adding the Music Service Shield plugin
  • Put the audio buffer size to 12 Mb (but this could be a problem of my NAS that is quite heavily used)

Hey 2aCD

Thank you for Peppymeter, and previous help to address Spotify.

Now wondering if any or similar approach should be done for Roon (apologies if already addressed, but could not find).


Hi massimogentilini
for a RPi3 with 1gb its better to deactivate the cache. The cache needs more free memory.
If you don’t need all different meters, reduce the number of meters for random mode with the list option. This also reduce the required memory.

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hi all
Have any of you done a successful display with this screen yet can you share it with me?

Hi, can you look here:

and here:

I think it have the same resolution.
Some PeppyMeter screens are available for this resolution.

If you’re asking about PeppyMeter and Roon @Xant:

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Does this supports 4K TV’s as I am not able to get the complete screen. Here is the screenshot

Please advise…

Supported screen resolutions at this time:
320x240, 480x320, 1280x400
800x480, 1024x600, 1280x800, 1280x720
1920x1080, 1920x480

Hey @rcrawley

Yep… found this before, but it seems a bit complicated or trial-and-error. Not an usual setup as pointing Spotify config to Alsa.

Thus, still researching if a “simple” or config way to accomplish Roon to PeppyMeter/Alsa.


Thank you

i tried PeppyMeter but it doesn’t work with hsd088ipw1-a00 monitor. black screen

Here’s a quick one. How can I easily see changes to the meters without rebooting? I figured it would be something like a service something restart. Currently, when i change and apply a different meter to sEe what it looks like, i need to reboot. Thank you.

If you are asking about peppymeter on 1920x480 screen then yes I have such working one

There is setting to choose the resolution - you just simply pick 1920x480 and done.

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I am now using
service volumio restart
This does the trick and reloads changes in peppy

Wow, that setup looks beautiful. Which screen are you using and it also looks like it is in a larger case. Any more pictures of your build? Nice job.

In my case it is enough to pause music (not stop but pause) and play it again

thanks - more details you will find here

I have a raspberry pi4 in a box with a 3.5 lcd with volumio layout attached to the rpi4. I would like to connect a 3.5 inch display for the PeppyMeter. I still have a nextion but I can’t handle it at all. are there any other options than buying a very expensive hdmi display to see peppy? is it possible to connect 2 displays to the 40pin at all?

hey, what kind of display is that?