Project with PeppyMeter Screensaver Plugin for VOLUMIO v2.9xx and 3.0xx buster

Hi @2aCD,
Do you know how to upgrade volumio v.834 to v.882 ? on the other hand, how to upgrade volumio to a specific version ? if now I proceed the system upgrade, it leads me to v.906, which I can not build PeppyMeter successfully, I’ve added something in v.834 and I wanna keep it, then install PepptMeter.

Thanks for help,

you can download the 882 from the official download:

but it needs a new fresh installation. I have no find a official download for a newer version, to check what’s going wrong. I‘ll try a fresh 882 installation with an inplace upgrade to a newer version.

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Hi @2aCD,

I already tried, new fresh installation 882 is no problem, and it will not upgrade to 906 with an inplace upgrade.

The problem is that I am using 833 (and 834), this version doesn’t allow me to install your appearance mods, so I have to upgrade, however, when I proceed inplace upgrade, it leads me to 906, not 882, please see the attached screenshot.

And, if I upgrade to 906, I can not build pygame & PeppyMeter, only 882 works for me, this is the reason why I try to find solution for 833 to 882, not 833 to 906.

I hope somebody can help me, thank you in advance !


link to 2.882 for a fresh install
With an update, you can’t choose the version, it is the last available

I think you have no chance to update inplace to 882 if a newer version published. But wait a little bit, I‘ll search what’s the problem with 906 and PeppyMeter

Hi @KMF,
I have now PeppyMeter successfully installed on an updated version of VOLUMIO 2.906
But it’s important to install the workaround for build essentials before, the same procedure as in 2.882.

Hi @2aCD,
Thank you, I have PeppyMeter installed successfully as well, but can not start it.
error message: configparser.NoSectionError: No section: ‘current’
is it the path issue ?

Please see the complete message:

volumio@volumio:~$ sudo python3 /home/volumio/PeppyMeter/
Traceback (most recent call last):
File “/usr/lib/python3.4/”, line 1116, in _unify_values
sectiondict = self._sections[section]
KeyError: ‘current’

During handling of the above exception, another exception occurred:

Traceback (most recent call last):
File “/home/volumio/PeppyMeter/”, line 285, in
pm = Peppymeter(standalone=True)
File “/home/volumio/PeppyMeter/”, line 72, in init
parser = ConfigFileParser(base_path)
File “/home/volumio/PeppyMeter/”, line 178, in init
self.meter_config[METER] = c.get(CURRENT, METER)
File “/usr/lib/python3.4/”, line 754, in get
d = self._unify_values(section, vars)
File “/usr/lib/python3.4/”, line 1119, in _unify_values
raise NoSectionError(section)
configparser.NoSectionError: No section: ‘current’

Thanks for your kindly help,

it seams your /home/volumio/PeppyMeter folder is not correct. Please check the config.txt, if the first section is the [current] section.
Can you send me a PM with a screenshot of your PeppyMeter folder.

Hi 2aCD,

The screenshot of PeppyMeter folder has been sent you by PM.

Thanks for help,

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Hi @2aCD,

I am using Volumio 2.882 with the official Raspberry Pi display (7" display, maximum resolution 800x480). I followed your posts and installed the Contemporary Mods (currently using Contemporary Mod 2), PeppyALSA and PeppyMeter and am able to get the small blue-2 VuMeter displayed whilst playing music in Volumio. However, the VuMeter appears on the top left hand corner of the screen, covering part of the album art. I would like the blue-2 VuMeter to be displayed at the bottom right hand corner of the screen like your first image on the first post. I suspect I need to modify the meters.txt with some additional parameters, but haven’t found the instructions on how to do so, either in this thread or on the project’s wiki. Can you provide any guidance on setting these parameters e.g. meter.pos and others?

Hi @idiotek,
I‘m working at time on a final version for this PeppyMeter integration with all informations of Volumio play screen, therefore I have at time no complete guide to create your own PeppyMeter screen.
But I can also publish a sample for 800x480 resolution. It is the simplest way for you to see, how this additional parameters working.
At first it‘s important for you to set your 800x480 resolution in config.txt. This defined the work area to place a smaller PeppyMeter with x and y parameter
Then create you own folder ‘custom’ and copy your selected smaller PeppyMeter (bgr.png, fgr.png, needle.png) from small or medium folder to custom.
Then select the custom folder in config.txt.
At last create a meters.txt with the only one section of your copied meters and select this section in the config.txt. At first only all original values. If you now start PeppyMeter, you have a black screen with meters in the left upper corner (x=0, y=0). Look now in a sample of my custom folder for 1920, the section galaxy. Copy the position entry for meters and set your x,y position.
Your own background is defined with the ext entry. Copy a background picture with your screen resolution to your custom folder and set the ext entry.
I’ll create a complete galaxy screen as sample for 800x480

Hi @2aCD,

Thank you for your prompt reply and guidance. With the info given, I resized all the image assets using the ratio from 1920x1080 to 800x480 and got the VuMeter and track info to display. However, the album art is not being displayed. Looking back through the thread, there was suggestion to check the /tmp/playinfo file to see what’s being written out.

My /tmp/playinfo file (when I was playing a random song) looks like this:

Title = “5 - Wayside”
Album = “Day One”
Artist = “Birds Of Tokyo”
Albumart = /data/albumart/folder/mntata=false/extralarge.jpeg

The Albumart directory does not exist, but is located at /data/albumart/folder/mnt/NAS/music/Birds Of Tokyo - Day One/extralarge.jpeg

I am not sure why the above path is being replaced by mntata=false? The mount point for my music on my Volumio instance looks like this:

//aaa.bbb.ccc.ddd/media\music\albums /mnt/NAS/music (obfuscated my IP address with letters)

The /tmp/playinfo file is produced by /volumio/app/statemachine.js? Perhaps line 763 and thereabouts, where the splitted_path variable is being populated is causing this error?

hi @idiotek
I have add an additional custom folder for 800x480 with 3 samples at time. please look at:
Download on post 7

For the better albumart support for all sources (online and local) I have add a modified as beta for test
Download on post 73
This need an additional installation of socketIO-client, see also on post 73. This file is not complete ready but it’s working for the most sources.

Hi @2aCD

I managed to figure out the issue I was experiencing with the album art.

I ran journalctl -f on my Volumio shell and found my ALBUMART entry was being logged as follows:

Jun 11 14:31:14 daishi volumio[1269]: info: ALBUMART /albumart?cacheid=233&path=%2Fmnt%2FNAS%2Fmusic%2FBirds%20Of%20Tokyo%20-%20Day%20One%2F05%20-%20Wayside.flac&metadata=false

This means line 761 in /volumio/app/statemachine.js (for me at least) should be index [1] instead of index [2], as index [2] would set the splitted_path to metadata=false, instead of the album art path

Once I updated this to index [1], rebooted my Volumio instance, your module works perfectly (photo from my potato phone camera)!!!

Thanks again for your help!

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Hi @idiotek
I have update again the download on post 7 with a new PeppyStyle gold for 800x480

@2acd i think he looks oke now :slight_smile:


yes also very nice :+1: :wink:

Hi @dvo,

For this cool background I can try to integrate a linear peppy meter on the right side. Is it possible that you send me a PM with this background picture as 1920x1080?

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backgrounds are 2880x1920 (size of all backgrounds… ) it’s build for 1280x800
but i can build one 4 1920x1080 full screen

I think it’s better you give me two scaled versions for 1920 an 1280 then all positions are the same as use it ad background picture.