project with now playing screen

I want to get started on a audio dlna renderer based on Volumio but have some questions before i start :

  • I’m planning on starting on UDOO or RASP + Hifiberry DIGI any sugestions ?
  • I’m using Jriver (Mac) as audio server
  • I have a Audio Research DAC 8

What i would most want is to couple the renderer with a (touch) screen and show at least some kind of now playing image, i know that Volumio is made to be controlled by a web interface and does not have a gui ? is that correct ? So what i would like to achieve is not posible ?

It is possible, I’m building the same as you with UDOO quad, LVDS 7’’ touch panel. I will install a graphic manager and a browser, so I will control the web ui from the LVDS panel

Please post any update, I already have an udoo quad and also want to use it as music source for my Hi-FI system and will be really nice to be able to use it with a touch screen or at least see what’s playing now.

It will also be great to see old style graphic equalizer for example.

And a led-stripe controlled by the music to create some party ambient will also be great (and with all that is supported inside the udoo doesn´t seem difficult.