project for audio to multiroom like a Sonos

Hello to all,
congratulations for the forum, I have doubts and I would like to ask a question about my project.

A few days ago, I wanted to buy the sound system of the SONOS Multi-room, but both the costs that the system ready and closed I thought I’d look for something open-source adaptable to my needs at low cost.

I would like to Volumio create a system of multi-room audio diffusion using raspberry pi but do not know what hardware to buy.

  • Number of rooms 9
  • That speaker?
  • Amplifier?
  • Which dac?

I have knowledge in electronics and plug and solder the components would not be a problem.

I would like to know what hardware to connect between the speaker and the raspberry pi, I want a sound system can be managed by multiple devices android / ios and that the speakers are independent of each other or that emettino the same audio.

Will you help me?

I will make an offer to the team Volumio just finished the audio system.

I’m also looking at doing this, so instead of starting a separate thread I’ll post here. I’ve got a Raspberry PI Mod-B and I think I need the following components:

Raspberry PI (obv) + DAC + Amp + Speakers.

I want to keep it to as few components as possible, as few power sockets as possible and to keep it all controllable from an Android app or web browser - no separate controls or remotes.

For the DAC part, I’m looking at the Wolfson Audio addon or the HifiBerry. I still haven’t figured out if the Wolfson also covers the amp requirement though - that would be great.

On the Amp part, I was looking at some of the mini T-Amps available on AliExpress but I think that increases the number of power sockets and introduces another control. So I’m now looking at active speakers which I seem to think have an amp built in; specifically I’m looking at active speakers which only require power to one speaker (the other is connected with a single cable) and also have auto-off function which means that if there is no music being played they will switch off and switch back on when music resumes. I don’t have any brands in mind yet.

If I can find some active speakers which also have a USB output powerful enough to run the Raspberry PI that would be a dream but I’m not holding my breath, so I’m prepared to go to 2 power sockets for now unless anyone has other bright ideas.

In fact I’d ditch the Raspberry PI completely if another platform (Cubox etc) meets the requirement but I don’t know enough about the alternatives yet.

Seems that there’s a gap in the market for a one-box stereo active speaker unit with a USB power out and a Raspberry PI-sized slot :smiley: - that way we could easily bake our own Sonos Play 5 or 3 or 1 replacements…

Actually , whilst I’m thinking about it - does anyone know of active speakers with a HDMI input? The Raspberry has HDMI out which surely is digital already no?

hey guys.
have you consideredinstalling Squeezelite on Volumio?
Squeezelite has built in support for multiple playback devices from multiple controllers. It may be what you are looking for? :nerd: :open_mouth:

Nice but I’m still on the hardware end of things. I checked out Beep and Pure but still looking.

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I’m fiddling in this area too. I have used a USB I2S board plus a I2S DAC. I’m planning on using the hifiberry when it arrives to take out the USB stage and be able to power it from the Pi (currently the DAC needs its own 5V).

I’ve also tried an amp kit from ebay. This one

It’s £8 plus £4 p&p. It all works unexpectedly well. I’ve tried it with a pair of old 8x6 car speakers mounted on a board. Not brilliant sound. And I’ve tried it with expensive B&W speakers, fantastic sound!

You need the volume working through volumio as the amp doesn’t have volume (it does have 4 gain levels set by 2 dip switches). So to produce a sonos-alike, you need sensible speakers. That looks a bit tricky especially to get a sonos form factor.

If you are ok with separate speakers, you could always go for something like the wharfedale 9s here

Then you would need to house the pi, dac and amp. You also need a psu for the amp. I got one of these Again not expensive.

So in terms of ballpark costs…

Pi £30
Hifiberry £30
Amp £12
Speakers £40
20v Psu £5
5v psu £5
Enclosure ???

Sonos…play 1 is £170
…play 3 is £250

What fun!
What do you think?