Problems with the rotary encoder

iI’m having problems with the rotary encoder.

Connected to the pins as seen in the pictures.
CLK gpio 27
DT gpio 22
Switch gpio17

Unfortunately I have no reaction. Neither at the push of a button nor on the turning function.

An Audiophonics DAC is installed

volumio-2.729 is installed

There should be at least one, and possibly two more connection pins for your encoder. The bracket that you’ve shown includes both Ground and 3v3 - it’s important to know which of those pins are connected to what.

As for the GPIO pins that you’re using, they all default to being inputs with a low pulldown (at least according to This means that your switch and rotary encoder would both need to be “active high” and wired to 3V3 (not ground).

If you prefer to run “active low” for the switch and encoder then you can change the GPIO assignments by editing /boot/userconfig.txt to set up the GPIO pins, for example I use:

#Configure rotary encoder inputs

to set the pins I use to be input (ip) with a pull up (pu) so they default to logic high and get pulled to logic low using ground on pins 39 and 34.

As an aside, I don’t know whether your rotary encoder has any current limiting resistors, but I recommend adding a 1kΩ or similar in series with the common terminal and the switch to prevent damage in the case where a GPIO pin gets accidentally set to output and is shorted.

I hope this helps.

Thanks for the detailed answer.
Unfortunately, I didn’t have time to react earlier.

that should work for me, the pins are labeled accordingly and on the Rasberry I used pictures from the network as a guide

I have just measured and the switch and rotary encoder output to GND

I’ll try that again

On the back there are three 10 kOhm resistors that go to the 3.3V pin