Problems with Sparky sbc

  1. DoP doesn’t make a difference if I switch it on or off. All DSD files are converted to 48/16.
  2. All high res files are converted to 48/16
  3. Startup sound off switch doesn’t work
  4. Reboot is like 5min or so…

@volumio 2.167 - 12.05.2017 & marantz usb-dac connected to usb3 port.

You connect DAC direct to Sparky ? Can you try USB 3 instead of USB 2 ?

Thanks for your reply! Tried usb2 now. DoP works if connected to usb2 and no down sampling with high res flac! Marantz DAC is connected directly to Sparky usb2. The problem is with usb3.

You are connecting a USB3.0 to a USB2.0 (your DAC)

In same cases there can be a compatibility problem (even though it should not). This is something beyond our control.

Please use a USB2.0 from Sparky to connect to your USB2.0 DAC

Use a USB3.0 stick (with music) and confirm that your USB3.0 works correctly (it should)

Correct me if I’m wrong, but usb3.0 should use a better clock compared to usb2.0?

I can’t hear any difference compared sparky usb2.0 to rpi2/3 usb2.0, but x86 Zotac with usb3.0 is clearly better sounding with my Marantz DAC.

All players with Volumio 2.

I don’t think its a question of better clocks, rather less noise.

A clean USB2.0 and clean usb 3.0 should in theory give you the same sound.

What noise? … z-phy.html

Please read the above.

So You claim that Sparky board USB ports are noisy? I have LPSU for Sparky and USB galvanic isolation built into the DAC - never heard any noise!

BTW, did you read that?

Yes all USB ports are noisy. I think that the difference in SQ might have something to do with noise then clocks.


Okay, I think you are wrong. If you have async usb-dac and galvanic isolation (or optical cable), then the electrical noise is almost gone or below -120dB. If you have a bad clock you may have buffer under runs and pops/clicks. USB noise may be coming from bad/cheap smps. Believe me, I’ve seen/measured really bad ones.

Sry about OT, this is not Volumio bug topic anymore. Let’s stick to Sparky USB3 port and Volumio bug.

OK sorry I missed the fact that you have galvanic isolation.

So from what I know…on audio files there should be absolutely no difference on SQ based only on clocks. Bits are bits. On asynchronous data transfer there can be no buffer over/under runs .

However in practice , I do agree that things are not always like theory . I have no doubt that your SQ improves in USB 3.0. However to exactly pinpoint the answer is not an easy task.