Problems with new version volumio-2.806-2020-07-29-pi

Volumio Information

Volumio Version: volumio-2.806-2020-07-29-pi
Hardware: Pie3b+/Alo Digi 1 - Qnap Nas
DAC: Alo digi 1
Since applying this update through the pies update method the pie crashed and would not reboot so I wiped the sd card and then d/loaded the latest version from the site installed card and yes it loaded so I added my nas and discovered it never scanned the drive correctly so I asked for re scan still not loading library correctly but it still showed it was working on it (rotating arrows) so left it over night next day its still rotating arrows so fearing a crash restarted. When rebooted the drive was still mounted but had wiped the library so re scanned and same again. And that’s as good as it gets I am considering back tracking through the updates till I get one that works and sticking with that.

I should have added to this I have had flawless stability up to this update going back as far as when Volumio 2 started

Did you add some new files?
Can you check the log at


does it report something strange?

no it just not reading all music on scan and when i restart its empty but is reporting correct amount of music 1.16gig will look for that log

long time since doing this could you remind me how to get to this log please

Another thing I noticed is when writing the img file the file creates 3 drives on the card is this correct?

SSH into the Pi, then type

nano /var/log/mpd.log

I opened the log and it only listed what it had read which was barely a quarter of the directory which is 1.14tb it only pulled off 252 albums and as you know that’s not a quarter of what was in volumio before this happened I even used another sd card and it is the same thing. does not report issue within this list.

I have sent a bug report log through the volumio dev section as I was in there activating ssh and thought it prudent to do so. Hopefully it reveals the culprit behind this.