Problems on the driver for PCM5122_ HIFI_BERRY 2

Good evening everyone
I have a problem with the HIFIberry_dac 2 card that uses the PCM5122 converter; on Bus I2C.

When I do the guided configuration at the first installation; the card is recognized as HIFIberry DAC PLUS.
the drivers are correctly installed (led D1 on the board lights up). and the card works.
if I restart the system; or I select another card from the list of settings, the driver is loaded by the volumio system, but the card does not reproduce anything in output and the led D1 remains off.

it is useless to switch off / on or reload the factory settings the LED remains off.
the only way to restore system operation is to
proceed with the reinstallation of volumio on the fleshcard.

Has the same happened to others?

is there a command via putty to restart the drivers?

Good morning
an update, of the problem I encountered yesterday:
after rebooting volumio and since the system
no longer load the driver for the HIFiberry card; if I send the play la
track previously loaded I get the following error:
Failed to open “alsa” [alsa]; Failed to open ALSA device “softvolume”:
no such file or directory.

could it be related to the previous problem?


Good evening
I solved both problems:
were caused by a power problem:
during start-up the power supply was unable to give all the current required by the system; and therefore the voltage of 5V on the power connector dropped to 4.5V preventing the correct loading of the drivers.

problem solved
thanks everyone for the help