Problems accessing Spotify

Hi Guys,

Wonder if you can help?

I’m having problems accessing Spotify with my Raspberry Pi 2, when using the Volumio web interface on my Macbook Pro.

I have an active Premium account with Spotify, and have entered my username and password in the Volumio ‘Streaming Services’ section of the ‘System’ tab, and Spotify has been switched to the ‘On’ position. My username and password is correct because I can use Spotify externally on my laptop, out with of Volumio.

I have tried rebooting the system and also updating the library, but Spotify still doesn’t appear in the box, when I hit ‘Browse’, so that I can select it and use it. All that’s currently there is my NAS box and WEBRADIO.

What am I doing wrong?

All advice appreciated.


I have the exact problem. Is this solved or any tips?



I’m not having a spotify premium account, but have you tried to go in the library (top right menu) and clicking “update library” ?