Problems accessing Internet through LAN while for wifi is ok

Hello everyone,

did anyone experience problems with LAN connection accessing the Internet resources after update from 2.224 to a later build while wifi connection works fine?

I had a fully functional setup of Volumio 2.224 on a Raspberry Pi with Hifiberry DAC plus pro and decided to update it to the latest build, so I formatted and flashed the SD card (2.224 had known update issues).
Prior to the update, I used LAN connection, wifi was off, LAN used static ip and no alternative DNS.
After the update, I set up the same configuration in Volumio and found out there’s no more access to external resources (radios, plugins) while I was able to see and use the Volumio UI at the expected address.
Then I decided to try custom DNS but no luck. Surprisingly, after I enabled wifi in Volumio and connected it, Volumio instantly gained access to the radios and plugins, with no custom DNS needed while I still accessed its UI through LAN address.
As an additional experiment, I turned off wifi while accessing a web radio and got “Could not resolve host:”.
Any ideas on what to check / possible known issues of later builds?

More details on network:
the local network consists of a wired router connected to the provider, a wifi router with built-in LAN switch and some other wired and wireless devices. I understand it’s not the simplest set possible, but it is tuned in way making all wifi and wired addresses belong to the same 192.168.1.XXX (was done to avoid any possible connectivity problems and that configuration and devices present did not change for a long time).
During the experiments, automatically provided Volumio wifi network address was; static wired address was (as it used to be for a long time; so was mask) so I didn’t expect wifi to “help” accessing external resources but in fact it somehow helps.


Well, after many experiments I believe I sorted it out.

  • after switching the LAN to automatic IP the Internet was accessible
  • after setting exactly the same static IP that was provided by DHCP in the previous step the Internet stopped being accessible again
  • was doing that several times with the same results
  • enabling wifi with automatic IP was always resolving Internet connection issue
  • the web UI was always accessible under both wifi and LAN addresses
  • after I completely cleared all fields of static ip-related form (it showed suggested grayed out samples of ip and mask) and retyped all information again, the Internet became accessible with LAN only, as it used to work before Volumio update. There was no visible difference in LAN status info after doing that and nothing has changed in router LAN clients statistics or Volumio web UI address, so it can’t be just wrong mask/ip I corrected by re-typing.
  • I made sure after several power off/on’s everything still works

I think the problem has possibly something to do with the settings UI and/or process of saving them.

I found that I just typing this command in a terminal : volumio internet on and add nameserver to /etc/resolv.conf file and then modify /etc/network/interface file add :slight_smile:
auto wlan0
allow-hotplug wlan0
iface wlan0 inet dhcp
wpa-ssid “YOUR WIFI SSID”
and then save it and reboot your Raspberry Pi, it works.
you can access internet~