Problem with Tidal

Hi, I have a Volumio on Usbridge Sig. I have a problem with Tidal. Not all tracks on the disc are played. For example, every second song is played, not every one. When there are 10 songs on an album, 1, 3, 5, 7 etc. is played. The update did not help.

Nobody has this problem?

Are you receiving erorrs like this?

That’s the kind of problem I’m having with Tidal also. No idea how to solve.

No, I don’t have that now. I’ve had this problem in the past. The update helped. After that, logout of tidal and login again.

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I still have this problem. Help! :slight_smile: @volumio

Can you try to clear the queue?
If that does not work, can you restart your Volumio device and make sure you’re not playing TIDAL in any other equipment?

Yes, i make new installation, and i don’t have any other device.

Clearing the queue helps?

No, I’ve done a lot of different things before and it didn’t help. This problem occurs both via wifi and on the cable.

Can you try changing your password to TIDAL, logout and then login again?

I didn’t change my password, but I logged out and logged back in multiple times. And nothing helped.

And the albums in tidal are not showing up in the correct order when I sort by date added.

I suggest to change your password to eliminate any other service which is using TIDAL in the backround, as I suspect this is the main reason

I’ve changed my password. It’s better, but it skips anyway. What now?

It was ok for a while. After a few albums it’s the same.

Maybe it’s a problem on the line between Tidal and Volumio? Can I somehow clear the “history” or “cache” of Tidal connecting to Volumio? Could this be a device problem? I have Usbridge Sig. And why are albums showing incorrectly when sorted by date added?