Problem with the new OSX 10.15.7

Volumio Information

Volumio Version: 2.834
Hardware: Mac OSX 10.15.7
DAC: Soekris dac1421

After the installation of the new operating system of Apple OSX 10.15.7 on two computers (iMac 27" late 2017 and MacBook Pro 15" late 2013) there are long delays in the selection of the various music files.
Also displays the message on safari “this web page uses significant memory”.
In the previous operating system OSX 10.15.6 everything was fine.
Because in the beginning the iMac had the 10.15.7 and the MapBook Pro had the 10.15.6, I came to the conclusion that the problem is due to Volumio.
Maybe it can be corrected by those in charge.

Finally Safari has the problem. I downloaded the Google Chrome and everything is fine.

Interesting! We will do some testings and see if we can fix that…

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