Problem with Rasp Pi4 / MyVolumio / Pro-Ject Pre Box S2 digital

I’ve managed to consistently ruined 3 Pre Box S2 Digital, namely, the clocks (44,1 one time, 48 two times).

As far as I can see, it hapens while playing MQA from Tidal via MyVolumio on Raspberry Pi 4, pausing (sometimes over an hour), changing from Tidal to NAS, Radio Paradise, etc, diferent samplings and file formats, all trought the same system/OS.

At some point one of the clock frequencies (and it multiples) begins to play with distortion.

I’ve found two more similar reports on the internet.

Anyone else have this hapened?

Hi vmiguel,

Using the same hardware, but Qobuz instead of Tidal. I have never run inti this error.
I’ve connected my DAC to the USB3.0 port, Powered via a 50W adapter. The DAC is powered via the same adapter, but switched via a relay, on one of the USB2.0 ports, as the Pi can’t power the DAC.

Thanks for your reply.
Unfortunatly, it’s a somewhat documented problem, and it seems to originate with MQA stream (so, it does not arise with Qobuz).
I’ve returned my last unit and i’m waiting on a DacMagic 200M (or maybe a Zen Signature combo - decisions, decisions…).

Issues here with the Pre-Box S2 Digital as well, but only with decoding MQA. It has difficulties detecting a MQA stream and will switch between MQA and normal playback repeatedly depending on the TIDAL material.
Luckily I do not think highly of MQA (imho just a poor moneymaker) and I can switch it off in the TIDAL settings.

Just to give you some more…:

Well MQA can save you some money, on your mobile cost…
But for the same reason I am sticking with Qobuz and dropped Tidal after the three months trail.

Thanks, I have a credit from the return of the Pre Box on the retailer store, so I will be choosing on the brands they stock. The choice could be Zen Dac Sig + Zen Can Sig, DacMagic 200M, Mojo, or wait for the Zen Dac V2.
The 200M has all the features I would like (a remote would be nice, but none of these have it), and I believe that the sound quality will be good enough in any of these models (and more depending on the rest of the chain).
Regarding Tidal and MQA, I’m a bit divided, but anyway I’m on a Family subscription and don’t think a change to Qobuz would be well received by everyone… so, if I have it, might as well use it. :wink:

And more:

Khadas listened to Amir’s findings with the reconstruction filters and fixed them in the latest firmware release.

I’m using the Khadas Tone2 Pro, excellent sound quality, in my opinion much better than the Pre-Box.
Has balanced headphone outputs as well, perfect for my Sennheiser HD660.
My only cons so far are the finicky handling of the settings using the rotary encoder.
Very confusing at first and definitely needs time to get used to.

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