Problem with Native DSD

Good morning,
I alredy described my problem in my first message in presentation section, but after a first response I have received no replies to subsequent messages. I try to repeat here the answers, :blush:

I use a Pro-Ject Stream Box S2 Ultra connected to a North Star Design Supremo dac, but Volumio seems unable to recognize that my dac handles native DSD streams up to DSD256. :frowning:

In my first post I sent the data of my dac and Michelangelo replied that the dac was added to the list of dacs capable of managing the NativeDSD, so with the subsequent system release of the Pro-Ject Stream Box the problem would have been resolved. :smiley:

Since then, June 2019, there have been 3 or 4 updates of the system of Pro-Ject Stream Box, now we are at n. 1.043 released Tue Sep 23 03.05.08, but nothing changed:

  • if i set Native DSD --> the DSD flows are automatically converted to PCM 352 kHz; :cry:
  • if I set DoP DSD --> DSD64 and DSD128 work correctly, DSD256 is still converted to PCM 352 kHz.

What I shall do to resolve the problem?
I could change the Project Stream Box with a bridge mini pc with Windows10 and ASIO driver of my DAC, but I would prefer to solve the problem by keeping the Stream Box.


Dear Paolo,
sorry, it’s taking a while to update the kernel on the Stream Box S2 Ultra (to add new devices with direct DSD capabilities).
We need to make sure everything is stable before releasing a new kernel. We are still working on that and I ask you to be patient (if you can).
We will add direct DSD compatibility with your DAC, we can’t just tell you when.

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Thanks for your reply Michelangelo,
I didn’t realize that the change would take time. I feared it had been made, but my dac (with Amanero interface) could not however work with Linux, in which case I would have to consider replacing the Stream Box with a bridge with Windows.

If it’s just a matter of waiting, better this way, thanks.

If needed I can take the tests to see if the release is stable.

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Thanks Paolo, I 'll contact you when we’ll need some testing :wink:

same problem with Denafrps Ares II
Thanks for consiering to add it too.

Hi Michelangelo, there are still no news on the version of Volumio that recognizes my DAC capable of managing DSD streams in direct mode?

Hi Paolo,
we just released a new version for Pro-Ject, which enables more DSD Direct DAC. Can you try and let us know?

Still not working with Denafrips Ares II
I will wait

Hi Massimo, that’s unfortunate. Do you know which USB receiver does this DAC use?

First of all, thanks for your support.
My previous post was not accurate: the DAC works; but the Streambox S2 Ultra doesn’t see it as a “native dsd” DAC and sends a DoP stream to it.

I don’t know the USB receiver; but I’ve asked Denafrips.
By the way, on their website they say about Ares II:

Proprietary USB Audio Solution via STM32F446 Advanced AMR Based MCU
Licensed Thesycon USB Driver For Windows Platform

As soon as I have their reply, I will let you know.

Hi Michelangelo,
I tryed new version, but nothing changed:

  • if I set DSD DIrect in DSD playback mode (both in General playback options and in Roon playback options) all DSD streams are converted into PCM., …
  • if I set DoP mode, the DSD flows arrive at the dac, but are limited to the DSD128 (the DSD256 is converted into DSD128 by Roon) …

Sorry, but the Stream Box don’t recognize that North Star Design Supremo dac is enabled ti manage DSD native sreams untill DSD256.

Do I have to wait for a new version, or do I have to give up running the Stream Box with my dac?


Hi Michelangelo,
I trayed the new version, but Stream Box still not working in DSD native mode with North Star Design Supremo.

The interface is Amanero.

Hi again!
I think that Amanero was the interface for Ares I too.
I don’t know about Ares II
In my case the Streambox recognizes the Ares II as “native DSD” (at least from the GUI it seems so); but the stream it sends it’s seen by the DAC as PCM and although the sound is good till DSD 128 with the DSD 256 there is a strong “hiss” in background.
I hope it helps.

Hi Michelangelo,
today I dowloaded a new version, no. 1.061, but Pro-ject Stream Box is still not working with North Star Design Supremo dac in DSD direct mode.

Hi Michelangelo,
I got the answer regarding the USB drivers of the Denafrips Ares II: it uses the Thesycon drivers.

if that is the case, the dac should have been detected because of the generic dsd test for xmos and thesycon in the usb audio driver.
Can you confirm that by sending us the output of lsusb while the dac is attached?

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Hi Michelangelo,
the DAC is detected by the Pro-Ject Streambox S2 Ultra as “USB HiRes Audio” and also the DSD streaming method shown in the setings is DSD direct; but when I stream a DSD file to the Ares the relevant Led (DSD) doesen’t light up and it seems the DAC receives a DoP stream.
Furthermore when I stream DSD256 files there is a strong hiss in background.
This was the problem at the beginning and none of the updates has improved the situation in any way.
Thanks for your help

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Hi all,
and thanks for admitting me to the community,
I just bought a Pro-ject Streambox S2 Ultra and I have Denafrips Ares II DAC too.
I confirm having the same issue: if I select DSD-Native, DAC actually reads the incoming stream as PCM. The only way to make it work is DoP but that would halve the DSD capabilities of my DAC.
Given others Ares owners using different streamers/OS have no such issue, I was wondering if it would be possible to release a solution.
My Streambox currently runs on OEM Volumio 1.065.
Thank you!

The situation is that we need newer kernels to enable direct dsd for those dacs. However latest kernels exhibit a playback problem that prevents us from upgrading.
We are monitoring the situation and working hard to release a new update. We have however to prioritize stable operation for every dac

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Thank you very much for your feedback.
Not sure if I can add a different question here or if this needs a separate thread: I unfortunately hear regular and frequent clicks when streaming Tidal using my Project Streambox S2 Ultra connected to my Denafrips Ares2 DAC. This also happens when sharing happens through my iPhone via Bluetooth or AirPlay.
This doesn’t happen when streaming happens through my laptop directly connected to DAC.
Could this issue also be due to Volumio/Denafrips pairing?
Grazie mille,