Problem with large library.

Hi, I have a problem with volumio 2.

I’m trying to make it run in a raspberry pi 3 with an external hard disk. The collection is large, about 80.000+ song in diferent formats. It takes a while but volumio adds all the song to its library and plays them with any problem. The problem appear when I re start volumio and find that it has forgoten about half the albums and I need to rescan again, although sometimes it doesn’t work until I reboot the system. I have check for strange named songs to se if the problem is some strange character but all seems ok.

Any suggestion? It’s the library to large? I didn’t have any problems with 1.55.

Thaks for your time.

How do you turn Volumio off?

I don’t know if I’m experiencing this same particular issue, but it may help to describe the symptoms in greater detail. When the albums are lost - do they simply not show up, or do they show up, but without names in the browse list?

For example, I am having the following issue - in a majority of my libary, track names show up when using “Browse” and adding to my queue. However, there are certain parts of my collection that simply don’t have names and display as a hyphen in the track list.

I don’t have 80k in my collection, but volumio says 28,238.

See screen shots:

Blank track names:!AI-HQsqmAIxCqF0

It works in other parts of my collection:!AI-HQsqmAIxCqF8

Here is what I see in my file system - they are MP3 files, and their meta-data is variable - but artist+track names are embedded within the meta data.!AI-HQsqmAIxCqF4

I have tried rescanning my library.

My options for My Music are:

Web Album Art: On
Web Album Art Size: Large
Show Embedded Albumart: On

Show Track Numbers: On
Compilation Metadata Fields: Various,various,Various Artists,various artists,VA,va [the default]
Sort Artists By: albumartist
Extended File Format Support: On


I click shutdown in the volumio options, and wait until the green led of the raspberry stops blinking. I also wait until the hard disk stops working too.

No, all the names of the files I checked shown correctly even the ones in japanese. I have the same settings as you.

Same here.
The files that are part of an actual album do show the track names
However, the files I downloaded from from example DimeAdozen are not recognized as part of an album and the track names stay empty.
My library isn’t that big, only619 tracks with a total playing time of little over 87 hours.

Well, now the post doen’t make sense anymore.

I’ll wait until the next update and try again. Thanks and continue with the good work, volumio is awesome.