Problem with direct connected unpowered USB drive on Volumio Primo

I have been using an unpowered USB drive as “MyMusic” connected directly to the Primo. It has worked ok (until now) with the one problem being that I periodically need to force an update of the music database (even though drive has been connected throughout) in order to be able to play anything.

I just returned from vacation, updated to the latest Volumio release (3.251) and figured I would just need to do the Update or Rescan trick to get the music visible to Volumio. Unfortunately, that did not work. I removed the USB drive and connected to my MacBook and the data seems fine. When I connect it back to the Primo, the Primo does not seem to recognize it.

Any ideas?

Seen this reported, will be fixed in next release.

Thanks. ETA for next release?

Any progress on this? I have been without music on my Primo for one month now. It would be good to understand when a fix is expected. Thanks.

Any update?