Problem with 24/96 Flac files over ethernet/Samba Share

Hi all,

my set up is : Indeed hifi TA2021S + USB sabre 2 Dac with external power supply PSM3 + Raspberry pi using latest volumio.

16/44.1 flac playback is perfect however doing some tests in order to see the limits of my system i am experiencing problems with 24/96 Flacs. Mixer setting is disabled and i use a Samba Share from a Linuxmint box. The network is 100Mbps.

I did some tests and below are my results (i also used Runeaudio in order to examine if it’s a software or hardware issue):

The sample flacs were downloaded from the link below: (third column)

1. Volumio without DAC, directly from Raspberry Pi, over ethernet with default settings (buffer 2048 and 20% buffer before play) -->OK
2. Volumio + DAC, over ethernet, with default settings --> Noisy sound about every 10sec
3. Volumio + DAC, over ethernet, with buffer 8192 and 30% buffer before play --> the same noise
4. Volumio + DAC, over USB disk, with default settings --> ΟΚ
5. Runeaudio + DAC, over ethernet, with default settings (buffer 512 and buffer before play 0) --> the same noise
6. Runeaudio + DAC, over ethernet, with buffer 2048 and buffer before play 20%) --> OK

As it seems from the tests above, it’s not a hardware issue and Volumio has a problem only when using the samba share.

Please feel free to suggest me any additional test in order to do my best to help solve this small issue.



I don’t kwon why but i’m experiencing troubles also with 24/96 flac files, but via wifi :frowning:
The sound is interrumped constantly however, 16/44.1 files sound perfect.
I’m using the spdif/optical out of my cubietruck.

It seems its a cubietruck spdif-out limitation, cause 24/96 files are working perfectly now via USB.