Problem playing certain albums in Volumio 2.599 (and 2.598)


I have been having problems adding certain albums to the play queue in recent versions of Volumio. The problem only occurs when I search for the album by title. For certain albums, when I click the album play button, nothing happens, and when I attempt to add the album to the queue, a message appears saying that the album has been added to the queue but no tracks appear in the queue. The individual tracks of the album can be played and queued with no problem. If I play the album after searching for the artist (instead of the title) and selecting it, it plays fine.

I had had this problem with older versions of Volumio, but in updates prior to 2.598, things had been working correctly. These albums play normally in Volumio 2.587, for instance.

At any rate, thank you for all your work in making Volumio such a terrific platform! Best wishes,



It seems like this bug is back in version 2.599.



Hi dansheffield,

Is the problem is alway with the same album/title ?
I suspect a problem of TAG (missing or non conventional character).

If yes, can you send me the fisrt 3 titles of the album who have the problem to reproduce it (With Uptobox, Mega or other share service).
It will help me to resolve it.



Yes, that’s right. As I said, I experienced this bug in previous versions of Volumio, though it was fixed around version 2.587 (which I have running on a second RPi DAC) and has only recurred in the last two versions. The same albums are affected as were in the old bug.

Ludo, it is always the same album. In my case, it only occurs when playing an album from search results in which I searched by title (searching by artist and clicking through works fine). A Dropbox link to an affected album is here: … cGMxa?dl=0 (sorry, I apparently can’t send a PM since I haven’t posted much on the forum).

Many thanks for looking into this! Best wishes,


As far as I’m concerned, every albums are affected, regardless of their name or tags.

Ok Dan, i will take a look.

For ggekiere, for all file ? this is not normal. Have you test a fresh install ?


Hi Dan,

I have found the problem.
In the TAG of your file it miss “Album Artist”.
To resolve it quickly, modify the the tag of your files (with Mp3Tag app for example) and copy “Artiste” tag on “Album Artist” tag.
After updating all files, don’t forget to go on volumio / My music / rescan to update database of volumio with the new tag.

I will take a look how to workaround on volumio code, but normaly this is not a problem of volumio but a problem of TAG in your files.


Hi Dan,

I have modified the search code to get priority to tag “Artist” from tag “Album Artist”.
With that, your files are ok.
i will post a patch for that.


Pull requests is done.

Waiting for validation and patch will be apply for next release.