Problem playing 16bit 44.1kHz CD quality files

I am posting this again since I haven’t received any help on this. I hope this time someone will be able to help be.

I have a problem with Volumio 1.5.

After I install the image I have no problem whatsoever playing files in any bitrate or resolution, however after a while something changes and I couldn’t play the CD quality 44.1kHz and DSD files without setting the resampling in the MPD config section to 24/96 or 24/192.

The high res FLAC/ALAC/etc files always play without problem.

I have tried to reinstall volumio several times but the same happens every times. Works for a while than bang.

I really would like to hear the files without resampling thus loosing some SQ.
I could live with resampling the CD quality files but I surely don’t want to resample the DSD files.

I am using a Cubox-i4Pro feeding my Jolida Fusion 3502 amp through a Yulong Sabre DA8 DAC via USB.

Thanks for your kind help.