Problem Moving from External HDD to SSD

Good news!
Your logs payed off: it looks like the Samsung T5 is being skipped according to this entry in the log.
Something I already guessed, but wanted to see proof of.

Oct 14 16:54:19 volumiojm kernel: scsi host0: uas
Oct 14 16:54:19 volumiojm kernel: scsi 0:0:0:0: Direct-Access     Samsung  Portable SSD T5  0    PQ: 0 ANSI: 6

The disk is UAS compatible, resulting in it not being treated like a normal removable usb disk.
It is reported as an internal device instead, currently internal disks are skipped from indexing.

Now, there is a fix for that, but this will likely not make it into Volumio 2 anymore.
Meanwhile there is a Volumio 3 beta version out which fixes it.
That version is actually one update newer than the RC1 - Open Beta Testing version which was announced today.

In case you want to test it, flash this version to an SD card and have a go.

When you decide to test it, let me know the result.
As soon newer RC versions become available, you should be able to update it using the system menu without loosing any data.

Ok, I’m not completely sure I understand.
Do you mean that Volumio 2 will Not get a fix for this?
Ok, then I’m going to keep the T5 for backups until Volumio3 is final, and go on with my HDD …
Hoping that the T5 will finally work.
Thanks a lot

No need to wait, Volumio 3 is so close to final that you will probably not notice anything, except a speedier Volumio with more functionality, also as a free user.

Gern geschehen!

Now I have a question.
Is UASB compatibility actually used by Volumio 3 , or merely accessed with USB standard?


UAS compatibility, with all its advantages, remains untouched.
The fix is just an extra test to determine whether the internal drive is actually USB origin or not.

Hi … Again
I’ve flashed a spare SD card with Volumio3
Guess what?
Same issue: seems quite faster than version 2 on startup, external HDD automatically recognised ans scanned,
but nothing happening for my Samsung T5 SSD !
I’ll do a log later … :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


Try to use an USB3 powered Hub to check whether or not your SSD will be blessed!
I use an SSD NVMe inside an USB3 enclosure and it works flawlessly!

Hi everybody

I finally got the solution, from a friend.
If you can’t access to your external SSD UAS drive like my Samsung T5,
you’ll have to use this Rufus free software, windrows or Linux version, gpt format it as you like, and you’ll be able to use it as any regular USB drive, and properly eject it etc…
I’ve been surprised not to find any indication for this here … :thinking:

This is also a solution for people having issue with UAS SSD external drive not properly disconnected etc …
Please share !!!