Problem connecting via wifi, bluetooth and airplay

So I wanted a music streamer and tought that for the price they ask at the moment, I could make one myself. So I bought a Raspberry Pi 4 and the hifiberry dac+ pro. So I installed volumio on the SD card, I let it run. I connected the first time via the volumio wifi to set things up. I filled in my own wifinetwork and password and everything seemed okay. It disconnected itself from the volumio’s own wifi, but now I can’t acces the gui via the volumio.local or via the IP-adress. I tried it on a windows laptop, a mac and a phone and none worked. I also can’t find my volumio via Bluetooth and if I try to stream via Airplay, it shows up, but I can’t connect to it. I checked my network via the Net Analyzer and my volumio shows up, so I should be able to connect to it. Can anybody help me? I tried reinstalling a couple of times, all with the same result: it’s detectable but not connectable.

Log into your router and see what IP address the Volumio is on, try connecting to it using the IP address.
I rebuilt my Raspberry Pi with a new micro SD card and fresh image of Volumio recently and a similar issue as you after swapping from Ethernet cable to WiFi network connections and restarting Volumio.
It came good and I’m able to connect by name again now, it’s possibly just the ARP table in your router/switch being a bit slow to refresh or something.

Make sure you have the Bluetooth and Airplay options turned on in Volumio once you get back into the web GUI, I think they’re off on a fresh install.

As above, and try givving the pi a fixed ip adress. Otherwise you keep having the same issue

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So I’m a total newbie in networking, how would I do this?

2 ways to do that. First in the volumio menu under networks settings. Second and best in youre router, and how depends on youre router. And I ain’t a networks guru either but Google is youre best friend

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