Problem Configuring OLED & WiFi for Allo Boss2

I am having trouble configuring volumino to run on my Allo Boss2 player. I found the super helpful instructions (here: and I was able to download and install the Boss2 driver without any problems. But I can’t complete steps 2 and 3 to enable the OLED display and configure the RSPi to connect to WiFi using the Comfast dongle. In both cases I get the same error message when I attempt to install the correct driver: Cannot write to ‘boss2_oled.tar.gz’ (Permission denied).

I am not very good with UNIX so I wonder if I simply need to set the permissions for the directory in which I am trying to install the drivers, or if there is some other easy fix. Thanks a million!

Never mind – figured it out. If anyone else encounters this problem, just log in as the root user using command sudo su.

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