Problem configuring local USB stick as audio source

I have Volumio running from a bootable USB stick on my laptop. It is all working just for internet radio only at the moment, I am now trying to add an audio source namely some music which I have on a second USB stick

The second stick is formatted FAT32, labelled usbmusic, and has a folder called music.

When I boot Volumio I can see (using an SSH terminal, command df) that the second stick is recognised as /dev/sdb1 and mounted as /media/usbmusic

I am struggling to get Volumio to treat this as the audio source. Have tried:
Alias: test
NAS IP Address: tried “volumio.local” and also the actual laptop local IP address
Path: have tried both /media/usbmusic and /media/usbmusic/music
File share type: cifs

When I try to save the settings in Volumio the error flashes up “Error in adding network drive (6) no such device or address”.

What am I doing wrong wrong please?

Not sure how I missed this before but it looks like Volumio DID actually find the second USB stick and searched it without telling me - there are now artists/tracks available to play under “My Music”. I was focusing on “Network Drives” so not sure when they appeared, but they appeared automatically.

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