Problem button power management


I use a button power ( … 11061.html) with a raspberry 3 and Sabre V2.1 DAC ES9023.

When i press the button volumio stops but i can’t start volumio with this button. I installed the raspdac plugin but when i select “settings” nothing appears.
When volumio doesn’t run, i would like to be able to start it with the button but it doesn’t work. The button stays with a blue flashing light.

Is someone could help me ?



Hi Bertrand

Can you tell us more about how you pluged tem botton on Rapberry Pi. With more informations, we can try to help you.


Thanks for your answer.
You can see on this picture how i plugged these components.

Is it correct ? Do i Have to change something ?



Hi Bertrand

I didn’t had too much time do see it, but by my point off view your connecttions has some errors, that I will try to explain.

First o all, let see this 3 sites:

DAC page:

Power Management Board:

Tutorial for Power Mangement on Volumio:

And so, we can see that the conections to power board that you made does not match with that especified in this figure in DAC Page:

Captura de Tela 2017-10-09 às 08.24.08.png

I sugest that you change your connections to match exactly as above anda try to see the Forum that explain how to insert the correct Volumio Script.

And atention that you must connect power to your system directly to DAC board that will send power to Raspberry Pi.

A hope that it help you to solve the problems.

Thanks for your help, i really appreciate it.
I read all the links you sent and i think i did everything as it’s written in your links but it still doesn’t work.

I read same problems in the audiophoncis forum, i’m going to post there also.

Thanks a lot !