Pro-Ject Streambox Ultra HiFace drivers for USB DAC (Metrum Octave 2)?

Hello - I hope you can help - I am using the Pro-Ject Streambox Ultra which runs on a custom install of Volumio and it cannot detect my USB DAC which requires HiFace drivers… either I am doing something wrong or the drivers are not included.

Thanks (and thanks for the great software too).

I think you should go to Pro-Ject for support.

I can’t find a Pro-Ject support option online believe it or not!

That’s why I thought that asking Volumio directly would perhaps help.

Actually yes - quickly after I replied with this I found it myself duh and have just sent of the question.

Nevertheless do you know if there is a Volumio HiFace driver for HiFace USB DACs?

Normally for Linux you don’t need drivers, it should work out of the box as part of the kernel. However with Pro-ject I can understand that they don’t want this :slight_smile:
And off coarse the Question: why adding a different DAC, as the streambox won prices with it’s standard configuration?

The Streambox does not come with an in-built DAC - it’s just an optimized streamer with USB out and therefore requires an external USB DAC.

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Ow didn’t notice you have the s-line. then go for the pre box digital s2, looks nice with streambox.

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It’s OK - for now I just want Volumio (or the Streambox) to work with the excellent Metrum Octave v2 DAC if possible.

Aside from all this - has anyone ever successfully connected a Volumio based streamer to a DAC which has HiFace USB requirements?

… perhaps not ??

I still don’t get why you are going on about the hiface drivers. These are only needed for Windows, for Linux and Mac the kernel has a standard usb audio driver, which covers all supported/ registered usb audio devices. Afaik there is no other way to connect a USB DAC to linux.

I have a Pro-Ject Ultra never had any issues connecting to any dacs, like someone said already there are no need for drivers if you not use windows computer.

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In the various lovely DACs you have had in your possession you may not have come across any with a HiFace USB requirement.

I’m still here stumped as to what is going on because my Auralic Mini picks it up fine and swiftly.

I know perhaps what’s “supposed” to happen - but in reality what is actually happening is no detection from the Streambox

I might be an ignorant USB DAC noob (:face_with_hand_over_mouth:) but always thought the HiFace was a trademark of M2Tech and do not see the relation with the Pro-ject Streambox (yet).
The Streambox may be using a customized Volumio version (not supported in this forum) but still uses an Raspberry Foundation supported kernel.

Please confirm what you actually wish to achieve.
You have a Pro-Ject Streambox Ultra and wish to connect it to an M2Tech HiFace DAC? And for some reason you believe you need HiFace drivers on linux (which do not exist anywhere), correct?
I know my way around several kernels here, also regarding usb audio devices.
Believe me, linux does not need specific drivers to connect a USB DAC, there is a generic one for all of them.

Of course, you may not like our answers here, that is OK.
But then, why do you not contact Pro-Ject directly and tell us here about the outcome?

So wait for Pro-ject’s answer. Since the ultra comes with no DAC, they would be stupid to modify the kernel.