Pro Ject + Quad =?

Volumio Information

Volumio Version:115
Hardware: pro ject stream box s2 ultra
DAC: quad altera play

Hello dear connoisseurs, my DAC does not see the streamer, only when I pull the cable USB out of the streamer (with the devices turned on), and then return it back, the DAC sees the streamer, replacing the usb cable does not help, after turning off one of the devices, I need to reconnect the cable again, what to do? Thank you.

I would advice you to get in touch with ProJect, there is a bigger chance they can help you.

Tried communicating with both quad and pro ject, no answer …

You need to select your QUAD DAC from Playback settings -> Output device
Do you see it?

Quad appears only when the usb cable is reconnected, and this only happens when both devices are turned on.

Can you connect QUAD to project, turn QUAD on then turn project on?
does that work?

I have one more DAC NuForce Icon HDP, the pro-ject always sees it after a reboot…

I tried all possible reconnections, only reconnecting the usb cable with the devices turned on helps.

Just to make sure: PC bypass is disabled, correct?
Are you using the USB DAC port, right? (there’s a special one in the streambox for the DAC)

Let’s do this, after booting (with both devices on and DAC connected) can you send a log and paste the link here?

everything is connected correctly, where to get the log, link it?

here both devices are on, quad does not see pro ject

here I reconnected the usb cable, everyone can see each other!

It’s not detected on start (I see from the logs) but I don’t see any error either…
Sorry but don’t know what it can be…
Since this behaviour seems pretty unique to the QUAD unit, I suggest to ask QUAD again if they have any hint…

it’s a pity, they don’t respond at all, thank you.