Primo Disaster! No sound!

Volumio Information

Volumio Version:2.853
Hardware: Primo

Everything was working recently.

Primo, System version 2.853
rca output
I can log in to the primo via phone app or laptop
I can see all my music (on a fileserver)
I can select, queue, play music
Volume is set to max. Is there a separate mute button? I can’t find one.
The output is set to rca.

No sound :frowning:

I’ve tested the amplifier by plugging in a different device (which works fine), and used the same cables and the same rca ports out of the Primo (which doesn’t work).

I’ve upgraded to the latest software and rebooted.

Not sure what to do next. Please help!

What is the output selected in playback? It should be analog RCA.

Output selected is RCA :frowning:

Send a message @volumio

Hi David please contact us via support, our support team will solve your issue ASAP

We’ve sent you an email :wink:

Thanks for your reply (and email).
I’ve rebooted but no luck. The device was working fine until recently. I haven’t used it for a few weeks.

I am sure we will fix it in a very simple way. Please reply to my email so we can help

I want to report that Volumio have been extremely helpful and responsive, and although it took a long time (thanks to covid and transport issues), it’s all now working. It seems the problem was hardware, which they repaired at no cost.