Preferred DAC chip's and most of all WHY!

Hey Guy’s (and ladies ofcourse)

as abeginning amature audiphile i’ve finally landed in pi world. Well that is, i ordered mine ( RPI 2) and am waiting till it arrives.
Reason… ofcourse to do stupid stuff with it. got plenty on my list, but most of all see what this pi as audiostreamer is all about.
So i will need a DAC (duh!) but here i get stuck in a forrest full of models and prices. and ofcourse i don’t wanna but them ll to test (couldn’t afford is) So i will need to make an educated decision, therefor i was looking through the list i found that several chips keep passing by… like the

PCM 1794A
PCM 5102A
PCM 5122A
and …? the one i ofcourse forgot.

personally i get drawn to the sabre and liked a comment on the AK4399. But this is all lacking foundation so please, let your experience speak and try to explain in as much detail why one would prefer one chip (over the other) so i can make a well diagnosed decision and get the best sound/chip/money value.

really appreciated all your imput in advance!