Powering the Raspberry Pi 4

Looking for ways to power the Smartipi touch 2.
Looking on here https://smarticase.com/collections/all/products/smartipi-touch at the Y splitter to power the pi 4 and the 7" touchscreen. What is a good extension to add between the Y splitter and the power supply https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B07TYQRXTK/ref=ppx_yo_dt_b_asin_title_o02_s00?ie=UTF8&psc=1 to get more length.

get a longer power brick … don’t do it like this…

What’re u saying longer power brick, u mean a longer extension, that what thought getting a 6ft long type-c extension between the power can and the Y splitter that goes to the Smartipi.

I’ve been using a Pi with 7” touchscreen for over a year now. I first connected power to the two devices via a splitter such as you suggest. My device never worked reliably until I removed the splitter and powered the Pi and display on separate power supplies.

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i have a pi 4 4 gig and 7” touchscreen on a 2.5 a usb-c and runs oke… but no splitters or extentions… but i have no hat’s … only on usb my dragonfly dac… and a ssd usb stick with 256gig .


u mean a longer extension

no i mean a power brick i already said don’t do that because your 5 + 6 ft will be to long and you will get a power drop ( loss) from it … so if they say shorter then 10ft they mean not 11ft…but 9ft or less.

and what @Fylb says makes sense …
2 power separate supplies or shorter usb-c cable and a longer power brick…
( how long or short the brick is makes no diffrence because of the high voltage…
with low voltage you have less lenght to play with…)

I see this here on Amazon https://www.amazon.com/Retropie-128GB-110-Games-Raspberry/dp/B084VH6KX1/ref=sr_1_3?dchild=1&keywords=retropie&qid=1607661396&sr=8-3 128GB with 135,000 fully loaded games on it. So can u actually put that many games on a 128GB.

it’s a card with that many but you will find a few great and mutch low level games
( btw if you don’t have the orginal at home your not legal buzy…with this… )

so here’s my pi up ad going, now i just have to wait to get the RemotePi board in.

Another thing on here https://emulator.games/roms/sega-genesis/ at the end of the names of the games (JUE) what does that mean

nice stacked pile of pi you have the same cooler as mine :slight_smile: works great …

a bit off-topic here but here we go :wink:

(U) = US Rom
(E) = Europe
(J) = Japan
(G) = German
[!] = Verified good dump
[a] = Alternative version
[b*] = Bad Dump [image]
[f*] = Fixed to run better on copiers or emulators
[h*] = Hack
[o*] = OverDump (sometimes bad, sometimes good)
[m*] = Multilanguage

Video System: PAL = Europe/Japan. NTSC = US

and as cherry on your pi … there is a new release of the youtube plugin released…

In the photo above is my media player connected to my TV, i got that better looking that before.
The other Raspberry Pi 4 that i have for my Volumio music player

is it hard to solder a header to the HiFiBerry board and if not what size soldering wire do i need

if soldering is hard go to a repair shop ask if they would help you…or a friend who can do it…
the normal things i do my self but smd is to small for me…but a header is to do
i do already some soldering and have some tools to fix it, if it runs to the other pins solder wick wire and soldersuck tool to remove and you need flux too i use 1mm soldering wire

soldering lose wires is harder then soldering a header.

i use for now just ali stuf 2% flux diam. 1mm cf-10 / model b-2 / 63/37 extra flux is needed for a good flow. and some alcohol to clean it.

do u know what size soldering wire to use when soldering pin headers to a Pi or to a HiFiBerry. is it be about 113grams or what