Power button rpi4

I want to have a power button, to wake up or shutdown safe. I have tried the dtoverlay with pij 5 and 6 butbi have understood that working on rpi4. I confirm thst because i have built a switch… And is not wotking
How do you wake up the rpi or shutdown without shutdown command and without removing rhe power.

I have updated the rpi4 bootloader and now it is working.

Hi colleagues,

I have this setup
OLED display 1.3 inch conencted to rpi4.

Can I share gpio 3 scl with wake up button from halt(gpio3 and gnd) , this pin will be used only to halt the rpi then it will be used by oled display?
This approach is safe?

Hi Lintbf,

it should be safe, I2C is an open-drain bus

That is great, b it to go further I guess I can not use the same pin for shutdown… Via shutdown button plugin from volumio…

What will hepoen if the oled is on and I press by mistake this button wake up…?

Your OLED screen will not be damaged, most probably you will miss some frames or you will see some corrupted frames when the button is pressed.

For sure you can’t use the same pin for OLED SCL and shutdown at the same time