Possible tu upgrade mpd to a newer version than 0.19.1

From a forum on mpd, this error is solved in version 0.19.2

Posible to make a new deb pacage for this issue?

Feb 18 00:32 : mad: mp3 file header indicates too many frames: 173709565
Feb 18 00:32 : mad: input/Input does not appear to be a mp3 bit stream
Feb 18 00:32 : ffmpeg/mp3: Estimating duration from bitrate, this may be inaccurate
Feb 18 00:32 : player: played “http://lyd.nrk.no/nrk_radio_jazz_mp3_h
Feb 18 00:32 : client: [112] opened from
Feb 18 00:32 : client: [112] closed


you can update MPD on your own: https://volumio.org/forum/update-mpd-t2656.html

Hi joda2,

I follow the document to this place.

$ sudo sh autogen.sh [sudo] password for volumio: autogen.sh: 8: autogen.sh: aclocal: not found volumio@stue:~/temp/mpd-0.19.6$

system do not find aclocal… (This is not an Rasperry Pi but a Cubox i4pro)

It,s a way around this?

Regards, geir