Poor sound quality with qobuz

First, I’m really happy that I discovered Volumio. It makes streaming a joy, the UI and overall configurability is just unmatched.
Im running it on a RasPI with a USB attached DAC Ifi nano LE. No technical issues at all (or just minor flaws, that’s ok)

So i immediately subscribed the the virtuoso plan.

But: I have a cobuz studio susbscription an when I stream qobuz via my mconnect app on android (it gets converted to flac there), sound quality is great. Impressive transparence, wide stage, crisp etc.
When I stream in qobuz directly, it sounds just like spotify. like behind a curtain, shallow.
I have no explanation for this, and I really want to get rid of those 3rd party apps.

when I track the streams in volumio/dev, everythings seems normal, same depths, bitrates etc.

I’m ready to dig deeper into the problem, I’m not an audio expert but I’m not afraid of a linux shell and ready to test, log and try. But I really would like to have my qobuz highres sound directly on Volumio.

Any help highly appreciated.