Poll: Which device do you use with Volumio?

Which device do you use with Volumio?

  • Raspberry PI model B
  • Raspberry PI model B+
  • BeagleBone Black
  • Cubox
  • Cubox-i \ Hummingboard
  • UDOO
  • Compulab Utilite
  • Cubieboard 2
  • Cubietruck
  • Banana-PI

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Ok, let’s make a bit of demoscopics… Which device is powering your Volumio system? You can select up to 2 options, for the lucky ones…

I use a Raspberry Pi model A. :cry:

me a cubox i2 :smiley:

I use a beaglebone black…

March 2015 – also use a cubox i4pro which is blinding

Beaglebone Black for me.

I use Raspberry Pi B+ with Curryman Dac

Great to see Hummingboard/Cubox-i is 2nd most popular, feel like it validates my choice in buying it over another R-Pi and hopefully it will get v1.5 soon.
v1.4 doesn’t boot on my Humminboard-i1 (think it only works on the i4Pro?), but in the meantime I have been using this image: igorpecovnik.com/2014/08/19/ … -sd-image/ and adding the elements for the Volumio WebUI in manually.

Raspberry Pi Model A with HiFiBerry DAC feeding Bose Wave. Library held on USB stick. Powered USB hub used to power Pi and WiFi dongle. Volumio controlled either from PC or Nexus 7 tablet.

Raspberry Pi B+
Hifiberry DAC+
Denon PMA-425R
Celestion impact 15i

I have three:
Raspberry B+
CuBox - i4
Udoo Quad.


Raspberry Pi B+
with Hifiberry Digi+

(see signature :wink: and trying to get USB connection to external DAC with USB input working correctly. So if that works and sounds better, the hifiberry becomes obsolete)

3 RPi B+

One with HIFIMEDIY SABRE TINY USB DAC, Sansui RZ-1900 reciever, self-designed bookshelf speakers with Faital Pro 3FE25 drivers running full-range

One with Nuforce u-DAC (USB), Miniwatt N3 tube amp and Klipsch Heresy speakers

One with generic PCM2704 USB DAC ($8 ebay), TPA3116 Amp board, self-designed speakers with GRS 8-FR full-range drivers and super tweeters filling in the highs

All using an RPi NAS to feed FLACs ripped from CDs or playing WebRadio. It all sounds great but my equipment is hardly audiophile in quality.